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Free Bulk Page Authority Checker / Bulk PA Checker is a 100% free tool. Many SEO experts are deeply worried by the Authority and they are right about it. Most common SEO strategies such as the development of quality content and the building of links are done solely to enhance the authority. However, authority alone can not guarantee the visibility of the search; the question often needs contextual relevance, but it is certainly a strong indicator of general SEO success.

Still, wondering what the authority of a website is? Okay, this is one of the main website ranking and rating criteria that is measured exclusively for a single page or, in other words, just for a single URL of your website. Page authority is a concept initially implemented by MOZ that is essentially the approximate ranking ability of a web page. You do have to think about what is good authority for the website, the higher the authority for the website, the more the potential of a specific page to rank in search engine results, particularly Google