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Browser screenshot - Website snapshot generator is a 100% Free tool. You 'd know how to take a screenshot of the screen displayed on your personal computer if you are tech-savvy. You can also need skills to shoot a screen on a sensible phone and tablet. But taking a screenshot of tourists from an internet site may be entirely different. You may be getting feedback from your customer as a website manager that there is some problem with your website and they believe it has been struck by malware or a virus or hacked. Or some website feature doesn't view the page it is supposed to be. Your first step will be by interviewing the site user to try to understand the issue.
Yet what if the visitor doesn't understand your questions or talks in another language. Now you are facing a real dilemma you may not have a ready-made solution. You just don't want to lose your future customer and disappoint them. For these situations, it would be your best option to ask your guest to send a screen shot of your website and mail it to you. But probably here you're going to hit another problem, which is that your visitor doesn't have the skills to allow a screen shot to contact you.
Each computer or laptop doesn't obey an equivalent set of screen printing instructions. You have to click the 'ctrl' button on certain machines, and thus the 'prt sc' button. You have to click the 'fn' key on others, and then the 'prt sc' key to allow a screenshot. You have to click the 'alt' buttons on others, and thus the 'prt sc' keys. When you use an identical computer brand as a visitor to your website and he or she speaks an identical language as you do, it might be simple. You'll clarify the keys you should press to request a screen shot.
When they are using another device, you may ask them to perform numerous key combinations to allow a screen shot.
Now all will be good till here, but now we get to the tricky part. Now you have to elucidate the visitor if they're using a Microsoft Windows-based system to open 'paint' and click 'delete' to insert the captured screen into it and lock it and mail it to you. But if the visitor uses an Apple computer, the requirement for painting can differ.
All these measures can be very confusing for a tourist to follow the website and for you to explain. So it would be your best option to go to the location and discuss the matter, which might lead to another question. Suppose you are not facing an equivalent issue your visitor is facing; now you have a real question.
When you're trying to explain how to view a print screen or take an online screenshot of the page, your visitor will probably stop chatting or talking to you and leave your page.
It'll be the best way to get your customer across and easily see what it's all about that he or she is seeing on your blog. 
A generator of screenshots can be a handy device that will be used in some cases. For example, you 'd like to see the last screen shot that Google launched your blog on the last visit of its crawler. Or just in case you have a problem with your blog, you want to take a screen shot and send it to your blog hosting company.
Then, you 're making improvements to the website, then you've got a developer doing it and you'd like a screen shot to test the improvements or keep a log of such changes. You will also share a web screenshot with the creator of the location and exchange feedback on it.
In the display bar entering the website's URL please remember to type the URL and not just the name. For example, enter HTTP:/www. (My website name).(extension) and press the 'Submit' button. The appliance must return the website's screen shot. You are going to copy/paste it onto your screen.
Using this useful and free tool to allow screen shots of websites is as easy as that. So plow on and use whenever you want. So go on and use it whenever you want.