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Our URL Encoder Online and URL Decoder Online is 100% Free. A website's URL is what everyone would enter into a website search engine in order to reach a specific website. When you enter details through a URL, you need to confirm that it only uses particular allowed characters. These allowed characters are alphanumeric characters and a few other special characters that have meaning in the website URL browser. Our free URL Encoder/Decoder tool available here for you.

You need to add any other characters to a URL’s should be encoded so that it won’t make any problems during the search engine's trip to locate the website pages you are looking for.

The <space> character is the most commonly used encoded character in the website URL string. You can notice this character whenever you notice a plus-sign (+) in a URL. The (+) sign acts as a special character representing that <space> in a URL. You'll see this is in a mailto link that includes a subject that is the most common way.