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About Server Status Checker

The server down checker is 100% Free. Our simple small SEO Server status checker testing tool helps you to check whether the website is offline or online. Status codes are returned back when Every single time your browser requests a URL address. If anything goes wrong your browser will deliver some message to your browser like "error message along with error code e.g 404"

You can paste 100 URLs in one time in the test tool. Our Free Server Status Checker tool will display the HTTP status code of every website in a separate line and will show you different meanings for each server status code. 

Our Free Tool is an efficient server status checker tool that allows you to check an unlimited number of websites. To use this server status checker tool read the instruction below.

Enter each URL must be on a separate line in the text area that’s displayed. You can enter one to 100 URL’s same time. Click on the ‘Submit button. The toll will run and show the results. The status codes will be displayed for each domain name that you entered. Conduct a regular check on the status server of your domain using our server status checker tool and take further actions every time your domain goes down.