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About Mozrank Checker

In the very simple terms:

Mozrank DA PA Checker - Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority Checker is one of the website rankings or Scoring or Link popularity web tools like Google PR( Page rank) and Alex website.

MozRank checks your website's number of quality backlinks, how SEO friendly your blog, and more. MozRank is calculated by a logarithmic scale between 1 and 10. If you have a high quality of the incoming links you will get higher MozRank.

1.    Page Authority: Consider a specific page within your blog. If staying on that page more time and has good content and has good backlinks, then that page will have a good Page Authority compared to other pages in the blog or website.

2.    Domain Authority: The Page authority is the same as the domain authority, but it is the overall score of the blog or website. So first improve your page authority to improve your domain authority.


In simple words, websites and pages with better-related backlinks will have high website / Page Authorities. Once Domain Authority starts to climb, it then becomes easier to rank for specific keywords compared to when the authority was lower.

Moz PA DA checker developed Domain Authority score (on a 100-score basis) which shows you how well a blog will rank on search engines. When comparing your website to another website or blog, you can use Domain Authority to find the “score” of your website over the period of time.