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About Link Price Calculator

Website Worth & Domain value calculator is a 100 % Free tool. Get a fast estimate of the price for your link using this Free Tools SEO Link Price Calculator.

This Link Price Calculator may be a very useful device for website owners and advertisers. It is also the resource you would like to use if you want to understand how much you charge or pay for a chosen connection on a monthly basis.

The Free Tools SEO – Link Price Calculator features a unique algorithm that determines the ranking and age supported by the credibility of the website including backlinks among others.


If you are an owner of the website, this Link Price Calculator will provide you with an estimation of what proportion you would like to charge for a given URL or a text link per month. On the other hand, if you want to optimize your website and feel the need to market it to another site, this tool can help you calculate what proportion you need to purchase a text link ad.