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About Keyword Density Checker

Free Online Keyword Density Checker with percentage is the % of times a keyword on a blog page in comparison with the total number of words on the blog page. So if you have 200 words and 20 of those are your focus keyword, your keyphrase density is 10%.

If you have a blog website then it's important to you, it helps to rank your post on Google search engines.

Calculate the Keywords Density by Our Free Tools SEO

Enter your URL of the Webpage and click the submit button. You will get the list of words with density.


No. of Specific keywords (focus keywords)/total no. of keywords*100

In the short form:

Keywords density = (NPK/TNK)*100

Where NPK is how many times you repeated particular keywords and TNK is a total word on the blog page.

The result is a keyword density value. Keywords density is important to factor in page ranking in Google Search Engines.