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Google website index checker - Google index test is a 100% Free tool. Test the Google Index statistics of several websites at the same time by this Google Index Checker. Many website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals already use software like this Free Tools SEO Google Index Checker to quickly and easily access information on what percentage pages (URLs) Google can crawl or index on a specific website.

This Google Index Checker tool offers useful information that you can easily get in only a matter of seconds; allowing you to access the Google Index statistics of up to 10 pages at a time!

This Free Tools SEO's Google Index Checker tool is extremely useful for multiple website owners, as it can tell you how many of your pages are indexed by Google. Simply enter the URL you just want to see inside the specified space and click on the "Search" button, then the tool will process your request. This will produce the end in just a few seconds and will decide the amount of Google-indexed articles on your website.

Google's website index checker is useful if you are interested in obtaining a result on what percentage of your websites are indexed by Google. It 's important to insist on this valuable information as it will help you address any bugs on your pages so that Google will index them and help you increase organic traffic.