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Email domain security is a 100% Free tool. When it comes to seeking an email address, email address search acts as a powerful method for obtaining access to the email I d of a website. This does work like a two-edged knife, however. Hackers and spammers can use the same tool that webmasters would use to automate their websites to access email from a website if there is one provided on the site. Of the same reason, site owners often choose not to publicly reveal their email addresses given the fact that they will have a greater opportunity to communicate with the media.

Email Privacy Check is one of the most advanced and helpful SEO tools which Free Tools SEO has developed. For different reasons users also search for a simple way to find out about a blog's contact. It is assumed, however, that an email I d should not be listed on a webpage for good reason because it can be exploited or hacked for illicit purposes. So, searching for emails is a resource that allows site owners to find out about the emails on their website to make appropriate changes to avoid any privacy issues.