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Hosting checker online is a 100% Free tool. The Free Tools SEO's-blog Host Checker app gives you the snap results! This free host checker online helps users to obtain who is hosting a particular blog.

A hosting service provider can be a kind of online company that provides site owners with the technology and services they need to build the blogs that can be accessed on the Wide Web planet. The hosting services include providing space for files to be stored on an internet website. We also provide e-mail services and other resources available to manage a website.
Site owners can reach out to other people with hosting services as it makes their website accessible 24/7 without disruptions across the internet. An Internet host provider may also allow a webpage to load quickly, which is why it is important to search for a website hosting provider that delivers high-quality results.
We have created this free online website hosting checker to find out the best web hosting provider for you.
You can also use this websites host checker if you'd like to contact the hosting company if you really have found a website that breaches your rights in any way; you can request the web host to just get rid of the offending material
This online free tool allows people to figure out who will be hosting a website. 

To use the host checker on this page, enter the website URL that you would simply want to check and then click the "Check Hosting" button. The results will pop up immediately. 

This free online host checker is perfect for introducing new site owners who canvass for hosting companies that would offer them the simplest web hosting service and guaranteed uptime.