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Check if my ip is blacklisted is a 100% Free tool. A website could be added to a blacklist if the website owner wanted to give thousands of individuals emails advertising a substitute product. If one or more of the mail recipients label it as spam, the e-mail service provider may put the website on a blacklist. In a different case, if you find that your daily site visitors have fallen and the traffic to your site has now stopped; one of the reasons may be that your site has been blacklisted. Even if someone wants to sell you a website; you want to check whether that domain is blacklisted or not.

An easier way to test if there is a website on some lists of blacklisted websites is to go to and click on the 'blacklist lookup' icon. Or you can copy/click into your browser's search window. You need to know your Domain's IP address. Enter the IP address and execute the test. This tool only checks if your site is on the DNSBL list.

You may use other resources that are available on the internet to verify if your website is on some other website.